Make festive glitter witch hats

Make glitter witch hats with Mod PodgeUm . . . is anyone else shocked that Halloween is only three weeks-ish away? Where have I been? I just turned around and it’s October. So basically, we need to get on the Mod Podge Halloween project train around here, ASAP. I’ve seen these little paper mache hats and the craft store and not really figured out what to do with them . . . so I’m digging this ombre glitter idea. It’s especially handy given my short timeline, and super duper easy. I think I need a few of these for my place, and you need some for your mantel. Right? Learn how to make them below.

Easy glitter witch hats at She’s Kinda Crafty

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  1. Stacy says

    Thank you so much for sharing my project! Halloween is CREEPing (get it) up on me this year, too!