Make a striped pumpkin DIY vase

Make a striped DIY pumpkin vaseAccidents happen. Especially to me. But sometimes that accident can be a happy one . . . let me explain.

Holiday seasons rarely pass by without me breaking at least one fragile decoration. This fall was no exception!

I’ve had this clear glass pumpkin-shaped candy dish for a few years now. As I was pulling it out for autumn decorating . . . the lid of the jar crashed to the ground and shattered.

I hated the idea of throwing out the bottom section . . . it was a perfectly good pumpkin shape! So, I saw this as an opportunity to change and decorate it. Decoupage seemed like an easy solution. I wanted to decorate the glass from the inside to get a clean look from the outside. I thought about applying glitter . . . but decided that a black and white pattern would feel more appropriate for Halloween.

Make a striped pumpkin DIY vaseI found these fun black and white striped napkins at Target recently and fell in love. They were so graphic . . . plus I felt they were channeling Beetlejuice a little, too. I knew they’d be cute on my pumpkin container.

You can do this treatment to any vase – it doesn’t have to be pumpkin shaped.  Want to see how to make your glass vase spooky, too?


Supplies used:

  • Glass pumpkin-shaped container
  • Black and white patterned napkins
  • Mod Podge (Gloss or Outdoor Formula)
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • White craft paint
  • Clear spray or sealer, optional


black-white-striped-decoupage-pumpkin-02Cut strips of paper from the napkins that will fit the width of each pumpkin rib section.

black-white-striped-decoupage-pumpkin-03Brush a medium coat of decoupage to one section of the inside of the glass.


Apply the strips of paper evenly to the glass, and try not to wrinkle it as you lay it down. Smooth out any bubbles.

black-white-striped-decoupage-pumpkin-05Work your way around the pumpkin repeating the same steps to cover all the ribs of the pumpkin with paper.

black-white-striped-decoupage-pumpkin-06NOTE: I find that it is very hard to decoupage with fine/thin paper like a napkin and to do it on a curved surface. Do your best to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles because they will be seen through the glass. (Unfortunately I ended up with quite a few bubbles… but now that I look at it dried, I think it adds a cool texture to the pumpkin surface…)

black-white-striped-decoupage-pumpkin-07Cut smaller sections of napkin and apply more decoupage and paper to cover the entire interior surface of the pumpkin.

Allow the decoupage to dry, then apply 2 more coats of Mod Podge to seal it up. I noted that some of the white areas of the napkins were a little translucent once dry. I wanted the stripes to be more opaque, so I used some white craft paint on the inside of the vase to brighten those areas.

Once dry, you also can seal the decoupage with a clear sealant to further protect it. Tip: IF you plan to use a potted plant in the glass container, I would suggest using Outdoor Mod Podge so that the surface is resistant to water/soil. I set a small plastic container with a mum inside my pumpkin. I used just Gloss Mod Podge on the glass, so I placed a plastic lid underneath the plant’s pot to protect the paper’s finish instead.

Make an easy striped pumpkin DIY vaseI was bummed I couldn’t find a small orange mum for this vase . . . but I think the red, white and black still feels like “Halloween.” It has more of an eerie feel to it, too.

I love the new life I was able to breath into this broken vase. It was a happy (and spooky!) accident that I’m kinda glad happened!

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