Make montessori sandpaper letters

Make montessori sandpaper lettersSo this story, if you know me at all from this blog, isn’t going to surprise you. In order to pass Kindergarten, we had to write the entire alphabet. Now my mom was actually a teacher too (not my Kindergarten teacher) and had taught me to write the alphabet. But apparently she had taught me to write the letter “A” differently than the way that I was supposed to write it for the test. I wanted to write the “A” with two sticks and one across the middle . . . but the Kindergarten alphabet had the cursive style A (like this).

I refused to write the letter the way that I needed to pass the test.

My teacher consulted with me and then my parents. My parents consulted with me. There was a lot of begging, pleading and possible bribery. I finally agreed – for the ONE test and only the one test – to write the letter “the wrong way.” And there you go. I may have been a stubborn child . . . a little bit.

Anyhoo, these DIY sandpaper montessori letters by Vanessa remind me of learning the alphabet. What an awesome way to get children to learn to write the letters – by tracing them with their fingers. I would have loved this when I was little, and to be honest, I love this now. Learn how to make them at the link below.

Sandpaper letters at Tried and True

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