Make easy taco turkey pie.

Make turkey taco pie - feed four for under $15!I don’t post recipes on here very often – this is a Mod Podge blog, after all. But occasionally when I do product reviews, I have to share a recipe with you. And this one is delicious. And I can’t even even take the credit for it. My boyfriend came up with this one! Actually, it’s his mother’s old recipe from the 70s, with a few tweaks. We call it “taco turkey pie” and it’s made with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

DSC_0552Now when Steve’s mother made it, she used ground beef and they called it cheeseburger pie. He says that as a child he used to get so excited when his mom would cook it . . . it was the best day of his life. Of course we had to recreate the recipe (it’s the easiest way to a man’s heart, I’ve heard). What we love about this recipe is that it was quick, easy and very budget friendly. The whole thing came in for under $15, and took us a little over 30 minutes to make. And the final product is WAY bigger than I thought it was going to be. You could feed a family of four, with leftovers even. Here’s how we did it.

IMG_2507His mother used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls back then, and of course we had to use them now (get two packages). They are delicious. In addition, we added ground turkey, taco seasoning, one onion and shredded cheese. Our goal was to give the recipe a little bit more of a Mexican style flair.

IMG_2509Cut up the onion and saute for five minutes. You’ll see the onions start to get translucent.

IMG_2510Add the ground turkey and cook under it turns brown (all the pink is gone). Add the taco seasoning and just a touch of water. I didn’t drain the turkey.

IMG_2511While I was cooking the onions and turkey, Steve laid out the crescent rolls in a star shape. Then we realized there was a big hole in the middle.

IMG_2512Use a few of the crescent rolls in the middle to cover the hole. It doesn’t have to look “nice” because you will not see it.

IMG_2515When the turkey is fully cooked, and the taco mix has been stirred in, pile all of it in the middle of the crescent rolls. Add shredded cheese to the top.

IMG_2516Fold the crescent rolls over the turkey mixture. The turkey mixture will warm the crescent rolls, so you can actually tug on them a little bit and cover up any exposed areas so that it’s a “pie.” Put in the oven and bake.

IMG_2517Follow the instructions on the package – you may need to bake slightly longer. Remove when golden brown. Let cool before eating.

DSC_0551I wasn’t even hungry when we finished the recipe. I tried a bit and ended up having two pieces. Haha! The Pillsbury Crescent Rolls made all the difference in the recipe – they were flaky, buttery and added the perfect crust to our turkey pie. If you are in a pinch for a quick, budget friendly recipe that the whole family will love, try taco turkey pie. A special thanks to Steve’s mom, who is in heaven, for her awesome idea. Enjoy!

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    Guess whats for dinner tonight. I will jazz it up a bit more, adding beans and serving it with sour cream making it even more taco. I’ll have to leave out the onion or pickey eater #1 will complain and child #4 will throw up when he sees them… but with a few changes it may be a hit in our family and I seem to recall a cheeseburger pie in my way distant youth. Thanks