Make a photo charm bracelet

Make a photo charm bracelet using your favorite images - great gift idea!A few years ago, my mom, sister, and I went and got some pictures taken at a fancy studio. It was so much fun to take pictures of just us three and have them to cherish forever. At one point, I remember my sister and I wanted to have a bracelet made for my mom using our images. The only problem was, the maker wanted over $300 for it. Yikes. That just didn’t work with our college budgets.

I definitely know what I’ll be making my mom this year for Christmas!

Photo charm bracelet at Crafts Unleashed

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    It is so nice to be the owner of such a bracelet! The photos of your family and kids are always with you and if you need you can show them to anyone because they are always at hand! Where is it possible to buy the basis for such a bracelet?