Fun glowing galaxy canvas

Fun glowing galaxy canvasI have a weird relationship with space. I find it fascinating and I love movies in space . . . like Star Wars. HUGE Star Wars fan here. I also like star gazing and when I was in high school I actually glued fake, glowing ones all over the ceiling. So I love the galaxy, but I’m also scared to death of it. I think sometimes about zooming off in a space shuttle and not being able to get back to Earth. Would anyone be able to find me? Would I run out of air? And more importantly, why I am having these crazy thoughts?

I know I can’t be the only one.

This galaxy canvas would be perfect for any kids’ room, or if you are space obsessed, it could work in your room too. The lights actually shine through the canvas, and the fabric glows, and that is super cool. Get the simple tutorial at the link below.

Fun glowing galaxy canvas at Paging Fun Mums