Festive autumn pumpkin craft

Festive autumn pumpkin craft - very easy and unique fall decorI don’t have the best history with pumpkin crafts. In particular, I have destroyed a few fake pumpkins in my time. I tend to have a heavy hand, so sawing and punching holes in them has had some negative results in the past (picture wearing a fake pumpkin on the end of your hand, and not on purpose).

So I think this year I’m going to stick with just painting and decoupaging pumpkins. And that’s exactly what I did with this autumn pumpkin craft. The fun thing about this craft is that technically you could make a few messages with the acrylic shapes and change them out when you like. So it’s not just for the holidays, my friends! Here’s how I decorated this lovely fall pumpkin.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_2075My pumpkin was white so I painted it with Autumn Leaves. If your pumpkin is orange (or you want it white) you can skip this step.

IMG_2084Now you’re going to use the Crackle Medium. Make sure to follow the instructions on whatever bottle you buy . . . they don’t all work the same. For mine, I painted a medium layer all over and let it dry for several hours . . . then I got the bottom and did the same.

IMG_2085I thought this was going to be tricky but it wasn’t at all! Paint a medium/thick layer of Forest Moss on top of the Crackle Medium. You should see it work right away! Don’t go back over the area with the paintbrush once it’s crackled (or you will disturb it). Paint the entire pumpkin this way and let it completely dry and crackle. Let dry.

IMG_2082While your pumpkin is drying, choose your acrylic shapes (I used a variety). Trace them onto the back of your scrapbook paper and cut out the shapes.

IMG_2094Apply the paper to the back of the acrylic shapes with Mod Podge and let dry.

IMG_2091Add your adhesive alphabet letters to the front of your acrylic shapes. Apply Dimensional Magic over the front of the acrylic shapes (including the letters) and let dry.

IMG_2118To finish, paint your pumpkin with Mod Podge Matte and let dry. Then string the acrylic shapes onto the baker’s twine by tying a knot on each shape.

Determine how you will hang the letters on the front of the pumpkin and cut a small slit at each end where you will hang (you can puncture the pumpkin with a craft knife but don’t go crazy and end up with it on your hand). Stick your decorative brads into the slits and wrap the baker’s twine around each brad. Trim the baker’s twine – your pumpkin is ready to display.

Festive autumn pumpkin craft - very easy and unique fall decorYou are ready to rock and roll. And by that I mean rake leaves, roast chestnuts and drink hot cocoa by a fire. Hello colder weather!


  1. Cath T says

    Great idea–lots of ways to go with this, as you say. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin story. I didn’t realize they were so hard to work with. I keep thinking you could do a humorous pumpkin with the smashed remains.

    • says

      Hi Cath! They actually aren’t hard to work with – it’s definitely user error ;p But I like the idea of the humorous pumpkin!!