Favorite Crafts For Kids book review

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids book review and giveaway!If there’s one thing that Martha does well, it’s craft books. I believe I have the entire Martha collection, and I love every single book. They are always so well done. And as you can imagine, Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids is no exception. Right when I saw the cover, I knew I was going to have a good time looking through the pages, and I was right. I have to say, and I’m not exaggerating – this is my favorite Martha craft book so far. I loved more projects in Favorite Crafts For Kids than I have in any other book. So let’s get to it . . . here are the five things I love about this book.

Back-Pack-Annie-Schlechter-Martha-Stewarts-Favorite-Crafts-for-Kids1. The number of projects is amazing. You can see that right on the cover – there are 175 projects in this book. That is an unbelievable value when you consider the $18 price tag on Amazon. It’s packed full, and you could craft out of this for months and not run out of ideas.

shells2. The crafts are for children of all ages. You might be wondering what age range of children this book is appropriate for –  and the answer is “all of them.” I like how many of the crafts can be adapted to children of all ages. What I mean is that I feel like a lot of the ideas can be altered (materials, difficulty level) depending on the age range of children you are targeting. You can use this book for years.

marth23. There is a huge variety in the craft ideas. Do you want to use yarn? Fabric paint? Paper? Felt? Food? Recycled surfaces? If you can imagine the surface or the medium, it’s in this book. If your child likes a particular theme in particular, you’ll be able to find it. It’s also great if you want to try something new with the kids that you’ve never done before.

Back-Pack-Charles-Schiller-Martha-Stewarts-Favorite-Crafts-for-Kids4. A lot of the projects serve a practical purpose. Sometimes when you craft with your children, let’s be honest – it goes into a box, or it might even go into the garbage. So many of these projects can be used again and again (painted umbrellas, jewelry) given as gifts (cards, decorated shirts) or played with (bingo games, race cars). It’s fun for kids to make something and then get to use it or give it to a loved one.

July-4th-Rocket-Favors-jpeg5. Martha didn’t forget about the holidays – this is a year round book. She’s got all of the holidays represented, but also the seasons. I promise that you’ll continually refer to this book, again and again, all through the year.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Favorite Crafts For Kids. Though I can say that I’d love to try a lot of these crafts myself. This book is amazing!


  1. Becki says

    WOW, my granddaughter and daughter would LOVE this!! They are always doing something creative, crafty and fun…and Grama (me) reaps the crafty rewards on the frig, the shelves and the walls.
    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  2. Sheila_G says

    I will share it with my grand daughters, we love to craft together and are always looking for new crafts.

  3. Amy K. says

    I have two sons & we love to craft together! New ideas are always a good thing, especially when they come from Martha! Wait, did you see what I did there – “good thing”??? It wasn’t even on purpose!

  4. JENGD says

    I have a 6yr old that’s been pestering me today for “when are we going to do our next craft?!” Nevermind that we made back-to-school vases for his teachers today (ok, we’re a week late but at least they’re made!) I’d love to see what goodness this book holds to keep him rolling for a while.

  5. Rose Schneider says

    I am a Girl Scout leader and a Room mom so this book would be a great resource for me. We have so many craft activities throughout the year. Thanks for the chance!!!

  6. says

    I run a Swedish craft blog with my daughter and I’m always on the hunt for new ideas. Needless to say Martha is my guru. I love her crafts, ideas and pictures!

  7. Christina says

    I’d love to win for my daughter… she loves all kinds of arts and crafts, her art teachers have all told us she really has a talent too so we try to encourage her when she wants to attempt something different or new ideas.

  8. MAndi a says

    My boys are always wanting to crafty projects with me. This would be great for those days when we are stuck inside and need some inspiration.

  9. Katherine says

    I’m always trying to find projects for my daughter to do while I work on art…otherwise, she wants to make what I’m making. Often, the technique is too difficult or time consuming for her and she gets frustrated. I would LOVE to give her a book she can use as her own compass for her own projects. You have no idea what a service you would be doing…and how you would be saving my sanity! 😉

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great book – it looks fantastic!

  10. Linda W says

    My grandchildren are being brought up without cable or any other type of TV. They love crafting and my 5 yr granddaughter does it on her own now because it’s fun! This would be an awesome gift for them.

  11. ArathI Prakash says

    I love kids crafts. It helps develop the DIY side of them! I would like to make these projects with my nieces!

  12. Kim McM says

    I used to get the Martha StewartKkids magazine, and I remember what cute, imaginative projects there were in every issue. I would like to own this book so I could make w some of these projects with my grand children, and I bet some of the projects would be suitable to adapt to making toys for my cute (and spoiled) kitten.

  13. Pat K says

    I would love to make some crafts with my grandson. Martha’s books are always great, and this one seems so too! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  14. sharon gullikson says

    I want this book because I like to have my niece come over to make crafts. She’s VERY talented artistically, and would adore this book!

  15. Tamarae Ellis says

    I work with children aged 2-8 and love to craft with them. I am always looking for amazing new ideas!

  16. Anna-Marie Evans says

    I have a 6 year old son who loves arts and crafts as much as I do! He loved it when I came in & did crafts with his kindergarten class last year, & now I’ve got a 1st grade class to impress!

  17. Suzze says

    Not only do I have 7 wonderful grandkids to do crafts with, but I also work in the children’s department of a bookstore, and one of my jobs is storytime with the kids! We love to do crafts!

  18. Julie W says

    My daughters and I love to craft, this book would be awesome to have! We’re also in LOVE with Mod Podge, you should have seen us when we found the set of several types of MP in one package, you’d have thought we’d struck gold!

  19. Carmen says

    My daughter is getting the age where we are starting to do crafts together – this book sounds like fun!

  20. Chandra Lawrie says

    Just stopping by to see this craft book, I do a lot of crafts with my girls and with Christmas approaching I am doing some window shopping for some books. I have found some great ones today already, I would recommend checking out barbarabriggsward.com, her books The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker look so great. Can’t really go wrong with some great books to wrap up at Christmas!