DIY Halloween vintage skeleton wreath

DIY Halloween vintage skeleton wreathIf you read this blog frequently then you know two things – I love Halloween, and I love wreaths. I find that each year I get more and more into Halloween, and I’m scared that I’m going to be one of those people that they feature on those addiction shows. You’ll see a lady with glasses, a pug and bat wings sitting in “my special room” filled with purple and orange crap. But you know what? I’ll be happy – that is how much I love Halloween.

Anyhoo, before we go down that road, let me show you this vintage Halloween wreath that I made! I took a different route, combining vintage papers with circles and a couple dollar items. Honestly? I raided my stash for this one. I had everything on hand. So before you buy anything, check out your stash! Here’s how I made this DIY Halloween wreath.

Gather These Supplies

Floral craft ring, 12”
Mod Podge Matte
FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Pure Black
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – Black
Large wood circles, 8
Scrapbook paper – Halloween patterns of your choice
Small decorative black frame
Plastic skull to fit inside the frame (got mine from the dollar store)
Large spiders, 3 (mine were pre-glittered)
Black glitter
Ribbon – coordinating, about 8”
Craft glue
Craft knife

IMG_2046Paint your floral craft ring with Pure Black. You should give it several coats on the front and back and let it dry.

IMG_2047Then do the same thing with the Extreme Glitter Black, letting dry between coats. Let it dry.

IMG_2045Trace your wood circles on the back of your scrapbook paper. Cut out and set aside. If you are really fancy like me, you’ll use a yellow colored pencil (or if you just can’t find anything else). After you trace the circles on the scrapbook paper, paint them with Pure Black and let them dry.

IMG_2048Mod Podge the paper to the front of the circles and smooth out. Let dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Give the circles a few coats of Mod Podge on both sides. Let dry and set the Mod Podged circles aside.

IMG_2121Now you are going to make your little skulligan frame. Take the skeleton and cut the back of the head off. You can do this with the craft knife or the scissors. Trim so that it’s even on both sides and then paint it with Pure Black.

Remove the back from the decorative frame. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit in the frame. Replace the back and set aside.

IMG_2123Paint the skull with Mod Podge and quickly sprinkle glitter on the top. Set aside to dry. When the skull is fully dry, you can shake off all of the excess glitter. Then you can glue  the skull inside of the decorative frame with craft glue. Let all of it dry.

IMG_2124Space the circles and the decorative frame around the floral ring – you can look at the finished photo to see how I did it). Tie a ribbon to the back at the top through one of the holes, then glue the circles and frame down. Let dry. You are almost done!

DIY Halloween skeleton wreathTo finish it off, glue the spiders down with craft glue. If your spiders aren’t pre-glittered, add glitter as you did with the skull. Hang your wreath and enjoy.

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  1. rebekah says

    I really like this wreath, I would totally make it, but for me I would add a little black tule or netting or ragged black gause.


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