Super Buddies DIY superhero accessories.

Super Buddies DIY superhero accessoriesHi! I’m Candie from Have you seen the Disney Super Buddies movie yet? In this epic “tail,” the five furballs from Disney’s Buddies discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super power. It’s an awesome family movie, especially for dog lovers like myself.

I also love making jewelry, so when I watched Super Buddies I zoned in on all the detailed accessories each of the buddies adorned. From the Rings of Inspirion to initial necklaces, here are 5 easy projects you’ll see on B-Dawg, Rosebud, MudBud, Budderball, and Buddha.

bling-stepsPick your power symbol like Buddha and B-Dawg and wear it proudly! You can make them by printing your initial or symbol onto paper. If you’re using an inkjet printer, photocopy the images so the ink doesn’t run when you Mod Podge them onto card stock. Cut around the symbols and add gems with Mod Podge.

puppy-badgesI used hot glue to attach ribbons and chain to the focal pieces. You can use velcro or a large clasp to connect the ends.

tubeNow let’s really amp things up and make some Rings of Inspirion! The first thing I did was found a pack of glow necklaces in the party supply section of the super store. Then I found some tubing where two necklaces could easily fit inside. Slide the glow necklaces in and cut the tubing flush with the length of the glow necklace.

modpodge-glitterYou’ll find PVC pipe connectors near the plastic tubing at the hardware store and this is what we’ll use to finish the ends. Find some connectors that fit the tubing and then cover them with tissue paper and Mod Podge Sparkle.

necklaceHot glue the ends of tubing into the end connectors. It’s fun to add stickers to the pieces too! Turn out the lights and let your superhero traits take shape!

neckalces-darkThese two rings were inspired by Rosebud and Budderball (by the way, I really love all the Super Buddy names in this movie).

cuff-stepsI really liked Budderball’s cuffs on the end of his blue sleeves so I made some by covering two pieces of cardstock in yellow duct tape. Seal the cuffs with a little Mod Podge Sparkle. The more sparkle the more power in my book.

cuffsEmbellish the cuffs with glitter, stickers and gems, adhered with Mod Podge Gloss. You can secure the cuffs by hot gluing velcro to the ends.

dogcollarLastly, make a Mud Bud bandanna with felt and gems. Cut a triangle of felt and adhere the gems with Mod Podge Fabric.

collar2The collar was made with a strip of duct tape and velcro the ends. Hot glue the felt piece to the collar. Yee Haw!! I’m ready to have a Super Buddies movie night with my nephew.

everythingWhich Super Buddies accessory is your favorite? I know, it’s hard to choose. Now you have to see the movie, right? It came out in a Blu-ray Combo Pack yesterday, August 27th – so go pick it up for your family. It would also make a great gift!

For more information about Disney’s Super Buddies, visit them on Facebook or Pinterest. You can also check out some other fun Super Buddies projects below.

Disclosure: This post was written with Disney and Blueprint Social; all opinions are 100% that of the author.


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    Oh, Disney super buddies is my kids’ favorite movie and they often outplay the story in real life. I didn`t know that it is so easy to make these accessories! I`ll definitely try to make them by myself and I think that my kids will be really happy.