Summer memories and frozen treats.

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Amy and colin

You might think I’m crazy for posting swimsuit pictures of myself on my blog, but it’s okay when they’re from childhood, right? This is me and my brother Colin, and as you can see I’m very proud of my Miss Piggy one piece (notice Colin’s Kermit t-shirt!). We grew up in the northwest – Woodinville, Washington. And let me tell you, the summers were awesome, and we didn’t require a lot of entertainment. All we needed was a sprinkler and access to some woods, and we were good.

I vividly remember summers when I was little. Every year we did the same sorts of things – berry picking and hikes were our favorites. We also helped my mom can and dehydrate foods. And one of my favorite memories of summer ever was when my dad took a log (he cut wood for extra money) and turned a small part of it into a log tea table with two log seats. I spent many hours playing on that log table by myself. Now do you see why I have such an imagination?


Another fun memory from summers when I was little is those “flavored ice pops” my mom used to give us. Do you remember Fla-Vor-Ice? I recently got a box of them to try and it brought fun summer memories flooding back. I LOVED these when I was little – and guess what – I still love them now!

Fla-Vor-Ice are stickless popsicles that come in plastic tubes. You just get the box, open it up and stick those puppies in the freezer. Snip the top off and enjoy your popsicle. It’s hard to pick my favorite flavor, but I really think it’s grape. My boyfriend and I love these as a fun snack in the evening. These are our new summer addiction!

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.34.53 PM

I’m happy to share that Fla-Vor-Ice is having a fun contest called the Fla-Vor-Ice Flashback Sweepstakes. All you need to do is visit thei Fla-Vor-Ice Facebook page, hit “Like” and then enter your name and e-mail. You can wine a year’s supply of Fla-Vor-Ice! I’m concerned that my boyfriend and I would go through that in about three months . . .

Anyhoo, don’t forget to like Fla-Vor-Ice on Facebook and follow @FlaVorIce_Pops on Twitter for the latest. What are some of your most fun childhood memories?

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