Revamp a globe with spray paint and Mod Podge

Revamp a globe with spray paint and Mod PodgeRecently I calculated the number of states that I’ve been to in the past year. In slightly more than a 365-day period (okay, so a little over a year), I’ve been to 25 states. That’s either really cool or kind of stupid depending on how you look at it, because I’ve put A LOT of miles on my car. I’ve also had some fun times. When I look at globes, I think of travels . . . of past trips and future trips that I want to take. They always bring about good memories and inspire fun dreams. This globe makes me feel the same, and I love it. It’s a beautiful revamp using Mod Podge and spray paint (just add sheet music), and you are going to love it. Visit Jessica below to learn more and to see the amazing transformation.

Sheet music globe at Cutesy Crafts

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