Easy plastic animal craft: colorblock box

Easy plastic animal craft - storage boxI’ve seen quite a few plastic animal crafts out there, and I thought, I want to make something with them too! But of course, I had to add Mod Podge to the project . . . and I wanted to anyway. You see, I glittered my plastic animal. As I was creating this project, I realized that this would make such a fun gift box. Or, if you like crazy things on your desk like I do, this would make for interesting organization.

Colorblock box with a glitter animal on topI added a stripe and a contrasting color on the inside to make it even more interesting. If you need a glittered plastic animal box (and you know you do) then you’ll want to see how I made it below.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_1623So the first thing I always do when glitterizing plastic animals is paint them. And I always basecoat with white . . . so that the paint color shows up better. Do you see how this works?

IMG_1626After painting my plastic animal white, I painted her (him?) with a color to match my glitter. Otherwise you can see the background through the fine glitter, and that just wasn’t going to work for me.

IMG_1627Once the paint is dry on your animal, just paint it with Mod Podge . . .

IMG_1628And then sprinkle glitter directly on top. You’re going to have to work in sections because it’s going to take awhile to cover the entire deer. Meanwhile you can be working on painting your box.

IMG_1629To start just basecoat the entire box with one color on the outside. Give it several coats and let dry – and paint the inside with a contrasting color. Let that dry too.

IMG_1636Once the outside is completely dry, use stencil tape to section off a stripe. I didn’t measure (I just eyeballed) but you can if you want to.

IMG_1637Paint the stripe on top of the box and remove the stencil tape immediately. Let dry.

IMG_1639Coat the entire box with Mod Podge – just cause.

IMG_1640Then use the craft glue to secure the plastic animal to the top.

Make a box with a glitter plastic animal on topYour plastic animal isn’t just a fancy piece of decor for your box – he’s also a handle, technically.

Plastic animal craft - colorblock box


Glitter plastic animal boxI’ve finally got a plastic animal craft under my belt, and a fun decoration for my desk. I don’t know what she’ll hold (yet), but inevitably it’s going to be a craft supply. Or maybe even some candy!


  1. Max says

    I love your website! Great project! One suggestion – It’s hard to paint on plastic with water based craft paints – craft paints tend to flake off over time. When painting plastics, I do a base coat of modpodge and let it dry, Then do a base coat of white or gray, then the color top coat. The modpodge clings to the plastic better and doesn’t flake off when dry. Also, Use fun tack (that plastic blue putty) and attach the plastic item to an old ruler or paint stirring stick. You then hold the stick when painting and don’t have to handle the wet item. You also don’t get paint on your fingers. Just pull it off when dry.

  2. sharon gullikson says

    One question: where did you buy the plastic deer? Thanks. sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com