Book page table top

Cover a table in book pages using Mod Podge!Oh, the joys of old books! I used to think ruining a book was just blasphemous, but now I just can’t help myself! I love the feel book pages add to any decor. But, I’m torn (heh!) . . . would you use a book you didn’t like (or a cheap one from the dollar store), or would you rather use a book you love so that you could see it daily? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Book page table top at The Fine Print

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  1. KWolff says

    A friend of mine found a ratty children’s dictionary at a thrift shop. She used the pages to cover the top of a coffee table that she had painted silver.
    I would love to do something like this but definitely couldn’t tear up any of my books. I would look for a duplicate at a thrift shop.

  2. Anna says

    I can’t cut up favorites. I’d rather reuse a book that it’s obvious no one wants or will read anymore (RD Condensed books, for example).

    • says

      Hi Andrea! It can be cleaned off with a damp cloth and some non-toxic spray if necessary. You can’t use harsh cleaners on Mod Podge nor can you really scrub on it. You’ll scrub through to the paper.

  3. Mimi says

    To give a more durable surface, just coat with varnish or polyethyline…then you won’t “scrub thru” to the paper…:)

  4. says

    Funny to see you do this! I did this to the floor in my work room, but tore the pages and over-lapped them to completely cover every bit. I did it a few years ago and its still in great shape!

  5. spigolatrice says

    Of course I will use a book I love, in a cheap edition :) It would not really be pleasant to read everyday something as bad as a bad book can be… Nice idea anyway :)

  6. says

    I’d use pages from well-known classics, or from books that I especially adore, because it seems more artistic that way. But I’d buy cheap or already-falling-apart editions of them to do it. I just couldn’t make myself artistically display pages of books that are junk.

    • JULIE SIMS says

      Me either, I couldn’t share something that isn’t an extension of me. Some of the Dollar store books are scary.

  7. Anna says

    Can you Mod Podge onto a laminate surface? I have a couple desks at my library that are in sorry condition and this would be perfect to do for a library desk. The only problem is that the desks aren’t real wood, but particle board (or some other faux wood) with a wood-looking laminate surfacing.

  8. JULIE SIMS says

    I have a huge dictionary that was given to me in 1975, my 8th grade graduation. This dictionary has given me, my children and now grandchildren some serious fun. Upon the birth of Pinterest, I discovered book art. Back in the day, tearing a page out of a book would’ve horrific and punishable by hiding it from evildoers. Now, I remove the page and scan it into the computer. Depending on the piece I am trying to make, it will depend on whether I use the original or a copy. Either way I will always have my dictionary, but now I get to share it with all.
    It always brought me great fun, even as a snot-nosed teen. So putting bizarre word pages on a table for my grandchildren to learn and have fun with is just an awesome thing to do!