Star Trek book review

Star Trek Craft BookI have a special guest for you today: my mother. When given the opportunity to review the brand new Star Trek Craft Book by Angie Pedersen, I knew that I wasn’t the best person in my family for the job. You see, my mom is a hardcore Trekkie. What other mom would wear a communicator pin on her winter coat? Or a Spock hoodie with ears? Enjoy the review from Karen (she’s a great writer, too).

Star Trek Craft Book Spock MonkeyWhether Trekkie or Trekker (I answer to both), future space traveler, or someone who never plans on leaving planet Earth, I think you will enjoy the Star Trek Craft Book! Let’s face it, when we buy a craft book, we aren’t going to do all the crafts – maybe only one, or even maybe none! We like to thumb through and dream about the adventure and all the possibilities. That’s why this is the perfect craft book. You CAN do a lot of the crafts: gifts for kids, gifts for the Star Trek fan relative (me! me!), crafts to do at a birthday or summer party, items for the school fundraiser. But beyond that, this book is cute! Just boldly go where no one has gone before and use it as a coffee table book.

Star Trek Craft Book diplomatic cake toppersMy favorite craft to do with kids would be making Tribbles. I would have a Star Trek theme party and have the kids make Tribbles. How about PIN THE NASCEL ON THE ENTERPRISE using Geordi visors? Come Halloween my dogs will be sporting reversible Star Trek vests. The Khan finger puppet has the worst case of the cutes! I can imagine my kids paying attention to instructions if Khan provided them. My “gotta make it” craft is the Tricorder purse. I am going to size it for my cell phone, one credit card and my workplace building key card. As I walk to my favorite eating place on my lunch break at work, I know I’ll get envious Vulcan salutes from my fellow nerds in Seattle.

Craft is art; Star Trek crafts are great art. Seriously, I think you’ll enjoy the book. I certainly do!


  1. Jenn says

    My youngest daughter has developed a recent interest in all things Star Trek. She’d go wild for this book!

  2. Cindy G. says

    My brother and sister-in-law are both Trek fans, as am I, so it could be fun to include a Trek-themed gift for each of them when Christmas rolls around! Birthdays, too!

  3. Monica de Moss says

    Oh my goodness! How adorable! I’ve been looking for more “geeky” items to satisfy my craving for the unique items! This is perfect! Would love to win.

  4. Kellye A says

    For myself! Both myself and the hubby are Star Trek fans (have been since we were little). I totally dressed up as Dr Crusher for Halloween in middle school :)

  5. Tina Louise says

    Would be a perfect addition for our household. June 1st, my husband and I got married in a Klingon style ceremony at a sci-fi convention in costumes we made ourselves.

  6. says

    I would really love this book for myself but if I was lucky enough to win it I might be persuaded to gift it to my co-worker who has two little ones and is an even bigger Star Trek fan than I am (….after I read it myself, is that bad???)

  7. marie sierra says

    how adorable is this! I have been a star trek fan since I was I kid..i watched the bill shatner star treks…the FIRST time around! I would love to win this!!
    thank you,marie

  8. Ann says

    Brilliant review. Made me want this book! And you are so right about having to have the craft books and then looking at them a lot but only making one or two things. Would love to win and try to make something from the book :)

  9. Katrina says

    I would love to keep this book in my school room library for my students. So I guess it is for me and a gift!

  10. Angela Cardoza says

    This looks like an awesome book that my family and I could have lots of fun with!

  11. Melanie Rozwood says

    This is an awesome book. My whole family likes Star Trek and I could definitely use some of the suggestions.

  12. Carla Hundley says

    For me! I grew up with the original
    Star Trek and have always loved
    Spock! The newest Star Trek
    are pretty good also.
    Carla from Utah

  13. Angela says

    I want this book for many reasons but most of all I have to make the Spock sock monkey! Great review.

  14. Erica P says

    Oh my good Lord this book looks amazing!! I’ve been a Trekker all my life, it’s what started me on the path of Geekery!
    I’ve just started crochet classes so that would be perfect to make a cute little Picard!

  15. Shannon says

    Thanks for the information about the book! I didn’t even know a Star Trek craft book was coming out, but now it is definitely on my birthday wishlist.

  16. says

    I want to get back into crafts as a hobby, and Star Trek is my favorite. I wore a Star Trek uniform for my 4th grade school picture. I would love to make the tori order bag talked about in the review.

  17. Shelly says

    I would love this book! I am a Trekker and would love to introduce my kiddos to Trek with fun toys and crafts!

  18. Beth D. says

    I’d want it for myself, although I’d be sure to make a nice craft or two for friends.

  19. Pat says

    I want it! (Although I’d probably have to wait in line for other family members to use it!)

  20. Chacoy says

    I am a total geek & I would live it, I know my son would love it too so I would live to win foe the both of us!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  21. Debbie says

    I would love to win this to make some cool things for my hubby who is a Star Trek fan.

  22. Lisa T says

    I would want the book for myself, as I have several Trekkies in my house (myself included!)

  23. Courtney says

    I’ve loved Star Trek since I was 9, when my dad pulled me to the couch with him and said, “I think you might like this show.” I did and we watched every episode together after that. I’d love to have that kind of bond with my son over Star Trek, and it’s never too early to get him interested!

  24. Tam Premsrirath says

    I’m a huge Trekkie and I love crafting…so this is perfect! I love Mod Podge, too! Xo

  25. Laura Metallo says

    I have a friend who is a HUGE Trekie ( and a crafter). She would die for this!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Kathryn Dowell says

    for my friend; we’re dressing up as original cast members for Halloween this year!

  27. says

    Ah, obviously a Trekkie after my own heart. Your wonderful review provides enough detail to intrigue a novice or advanced crafter.I would love to have a tricorder purse. No problem with making it, but I don’t make my own patterns. This handy book would solve my delimma.


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