Easy fancy shmancy picture frames

Easy fancy shmancy picture framesUnfortunately for me, I can’t count the amount of times that I have gone to the craft store and purchased a frame, only to have it sit in my craft closet doing nothing for months (okay, maybe even years).

These are some of the most amazing frames I have seen to date. I may just have to break out my hidden picture frame stash and get to ‘podgin’.

Francy Shmancy Picture Frame at Two Everyday Divas

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  1. Donna says

    my sons are big Notre Dame fans. one year for Christmas, my daughter bought 2 unfinished wood frames. Atfer priming, etc., then painting the frames gold, she Mod Podged items from the many ND catalogs we had, following instructions to finish them. She put a photo of them with the Golden Dome in the background-they loved them, and still have them displayed in their homes. I made an OSU frame for my sister last year, she loved it. Not a lot of money, just some time, a very appreciated gift.