Vintage table top

vintage tableIsn’t this vintage table top beautiful? I love the paper that was used for the top, it really adds a romantic element to the whole piece. It kind of makes me want to run out and find a pretty side table so I can duplicate this entire project. Oh, and they mention a great idea – using photocopies if you don’t want to use any of your older documents. So smart!

Vintage table top at Everyday Family

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  1. barbara macaskill says

    I just inherited a table from the late 1940’s, early 1950’s and have been racking my brain trying to think of how to spruce it up! I know now what I am going to do with it!!! I even know exactly what paper I am going to use! I can already envision the final product in my head! Will post pics once I am able to do this project! Thanks so much for the inspiration!