Upcycled filing cabinet

upcycled filing cabinetNothing in life costs $5 these days. Sometimes even parking my car for $5 is difficult! But there are still crafts you can do for $5 – like this upcycled filing cabinet. How fun is the yellow paper? I love the herringbone pattern that Ashley created with her paper pieces. It really gives the piece a little extra oomph, wouldn’t you agree? And those glass handles = amazing. Find out more about the project below.

Upcycled filing cabinet at Domestic Imperfection

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  1. says

    I love this upcylced filing cabinet! Just what I need to do for the boring beige one in my office! Thanks Amy for your kind comments on my DIY Bokey Art post!

  2. Barbara macaskill says

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I am going to have to get to work with Washi Tape to personalize all my new craft storage products that I have gotten over the last few weeks! That way when we move into our new house and my VERY OWN BRAND SPANKING NEW CRAFT ROOM!