Paper flower projects for adults or kids

Easy decoupage paper flower notebookI definitely have a childlike quality, and it comes out a lot in my crafts but also in the way that I dress. And one day I realized why – I’m constantly trying to relive my childhood. I had to grow up really quickly, and so I like to have fun and be extra playful in the projects I do as an adult. My friend Laura Kelly came up with this serious of four projects using scraps of paper and some of her favorite supplies, and they are the epitome of whimsical fun. What has two thumbs and likes to make paper flowers? This girl!

Visit Laura below because she has four fun projects that you’ll love to make with your children – and I know a lot of you are just like me, so you might just want to make them by yourself, too. If you do end up involving the kiddos, be sure to use Mod Podge Washout so the little beasts don’t ruin their clothes! Now go and have some fun.

Little paper and button crafted flower projects at Laura Kelly Designs