Mod Podged anthro-inspired knobs

Mod Podged anthro-inspired knobsSo when I first saw this photo I was mystified by that greeny-yellow hippo. I kind of love him. But he isn’t the Mod Podge project – in fact, it is that knob on the table that he is sitting on. Heather was inspired by another tutorial when she decided to customize her IKEA Hemnes tables. And me personally? I love the added flair. Give me that knob and hippo and I’m good to go. Learn more about the project from the link below.

Mod Podged Anthro-inspired knobs at Diapered Knights

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    Thanks so much for the feature! If you think the hippo is kooky, you should see the 6 foot tall CB2 print of ostriches on roller skates that is on the other wall :) The hippo was just a store bought plastic guy hit with a layer of spray primer and craft paint.