How to Mod Podge a stepstool.

How to Mod Podge a stepstoolSo there is one Mod Podge formula that is completely under appreciated, and I take full¬†responsibility. I know several die hard Mod Podgers that are in love with the Sparkle formula, and I don’t have it on here nearly enough. There’s only one problem with the Sparkle formula – it’s hard to photograph. So a lot of its glittery awesomeness is lost in translation. But I’m telling you – once you go glitter, you’ll never go back. Just ask Rikka. She painted this stool with a lovely chevron pattern (that blue is awesome) and then sealed with Sparkle Mod Podge for some added bling. I love it. Visit Rikka to learn how she did it and to see a few pics close-up of all the glitz.

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