Easy patchwork flower pots

patchwork potsLet’s face it – clay pots are boring. And the reddish-brown color doesn’t necessarily go with everyone’s decor. It’s even less appealing after seeing this revamp. Are these patchwork pots cute or what? I can imagine them on my porch making everything all sunshine-y. I think I’d like a few for my kitchen windowsill, too. Please?

PS – If you want to seal these to go outdoors, it’s fine – just use Outdoor Mod Podge.

Patchwork pots at A Bit of Sunshine

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  1. Jessica says

    LOVE these! Tastefully ecclectic.
    Last weekend I decorated three terracotta pots using scrapbook paper and reg gloss podge, I will begin using fabric on the remaining pots – thank you for the inspiration.
    As I am planning on using these pots for outdoor decor (to plant & display my ivy & annuals), I’ve just placed my order for Outdoor Podge to seal them up!