Easy DIY pop art

Mod Podge DIY pop artSometimes I feel like I’m so predictable. And one day all of you are going to say “okay, Amy, the gig is up – we know exactly what you like and you can’t surprise us anymore!” I hope we never get to that point, my friends. I always want to keep you guessing. Well, in this case I might have done it. I’m not really a big fan of yellow. I’ll take orange over yellow any day, and I don’t have any yellow clothes or anything like that. I kind of really don’t like yellow.

Until I do.

Rachel totally brought me over to the dark side with her Mod Podge photo transfer canvas. She took a photo and put it on canvas, then used bright yellow paint to highlight some of the areas. The yellow is looking pretty awesome, and I love the bright contrast with the black. So I guess what I’m saying is – I like yellow. And there is your surprise. Visit Rachel to learn how to make this yourself.

Mod Podge pop art at Architecture of a Mom

For more projects using Mod Podge photo transfer medium, click here.

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  1. Barbara macaskill says

    LOVE the pop of yellow against the black! This would make a great piece of wall art! TFS!