Easy DIY photo pendant

Easy DIY photo pendantI feel really bad for my mom. She has had to put two of her three dogs to sleep in the last month because of health issues. I’ve been thinking that a lovely gift for her for Mother’s Day might be a pendant just like this one from Bethany, except this time with her dogs pictures in it instead of her children. Because after all, she is a dog mom too! Obviously children’s pics are a great way to go as well, and I think no matter what you do, mom will appreciate the finished product. That is just how moms are, and what we love about them, right? Visit Bethany for the (very easy) tutorial.

DIY photo pendant at Pitter & Glink

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  1. Cim Allen says

    I”m so sorry for your Mom’s losses. I know that is so hard .. I think the necklace with her furry kids would be a great rememberance and mothers day gift.

  2. says

    I’m so sad for your mom! :( Furry babies are family too. Thanks for featuring my pendant, and I hope you do get to make one for your mom.