Decoupage a side table with music sheets

Decoupage a side table with music sheetsI have a strange relationship with music. I like it – and listen to it all the time. But I grew up in a house with parents who didn’t listen to it very much (even though my mom was really creative). When they did, it was always weird choices/combinations. Like Led Zeppelin and then Garth Brooks on the same mix tape. And musical instruments? Well, that is a whole other story. I asked to play the piano once and my mom said we didn’t have any music talent in our family. I desperately wanted to play the recorder too and was allowed, and it was horrible. Then I got fired from the handbell choir. But I’m not even done yet . . . we can’t sing either. I still laugh at my mom in church –  she switches back and forth from high to low during hymns because she doesn’t know how to carry a tune. And I’m not much better.

What I’m saying is that it would be completely ironic for me to have something decoupaged with music sheets in my home. Since I’m such a big fan of irony, I think a side table like this would be perfect for me. It’s really gorgeous – I mean, Lori went all out with the finish, and the stain is beautiful. It goes to show that Mod Podge can be used on beautiful furniture pieces, which is awesome. I love it, and I want one, because I want to smile every time I see those notes. Luckily we can all make one – just follow Lori’s tute below.

Small wooden cabinet makeover at Vintage Charm

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