22 Mod Podge DIY knock off projects

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22 Mod Podge DIY knock off craftsAre you a big fan of designer products, but don’t necessarily have the budget? You aren’t the only one. It’s hard to find something that you love with all your heart and then realize it’s way out of your price range. So how do you remedy the situation? Make an “inspired by” version yourself – with Mod Podge! All of these bloggers were inspired by something they saw at a store, and wanted to make a less expensive version for themselves. Click through the posts to see what they were inspired by and how their awesome decoupage version turned out. These are some amazing DIY knock off crafts. I like them just as much if not more than the original. Fun, huh?


  1. Becca says

    Hey Amy! Thanks for sharing my projects! I’m so glad you liked them and the tremendous savings they afforded! Hope you are well, friend!
    xo Becca