Welcome to Washi Tape Crafts!

Washi Tape Crafts

Okay so I have a HUGE announcement today and I’m so thrilled to share it with you! I have a new blog called Washi Tape Crafts. If you’ve never used these cute little bundles of tape before, you need to. You will be able to accomplish easy crafts with rolls of awesome patterned tape . . . there is so much you can do with it, it’s hard to believe!

Please come visit me.



  1. says

    I’m there, but tried to hashtag Washi Tape Crafts on pinterest–and it isn’t working. It has worked for me before with others…?????

  2. says

    Where do you find your washi tape? I have ordered some from Pick Your Plum and Downtown Tape but would like to get a bigger variety.
    Suggestions on where to shop and get get the most bang for my crafting buck?
    Congrats on the new site!

    • says

      I buy mine at ConsumerCrafts.com. They have great selection and often run specials for free shipping or just .99. I haven’t had any luck finding Washi at my local craft stores.

  3. Kim says

    I’m really starting to like washi tape. I wasn’t so sure at first because the rolls were so expensive, but lately I’ve been finding less expensive rolls.

    Target has a pack of 4 red rolls in their office section for about $4.99. (Up & Up brand)
    Joann’s has some in their $1 paper craft section. The packs have two small rolls. They’re great if you want some variety, but don’t want to spend a lot. The brand is Studio112.

  4. says

    Amy–do you use ModPodge to seal the ends of washi tape for any of your projects? I have had a few times where the washi tape pulls up on the ends, especially if it’s something that gets handled often.