Mod Podged cowboy hat

mod podged cowboy hatDid that title scare you as much as it scared me? Really, when I thought of a Mod Podged cowboy hat, I pictured the most ugly thing I could ever imagine. And boy! I was wrong. Look how adorable this turned out. But, I mean – how could it be anything but good looking when it involves Cathie and Steve? If you are wondering what that is on the hat, it’s fabric. So you can customize with the fabric you love. Find out how below.

Mod Podged cowboy hat at Cathie and Steve

Cathie and Steve are super awesome with Mod Podge! Here are some of their other projects:

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  1. John DaviD says

    Oh my! Yes the title was scary and so is the final result of this project. Is this a joke posting? Lol. #badpodge.