Mod Podge kids craft: tissue paper art

Mod Podge kids craft sea creatures tissue paper artDoes anyone else get jealous of kids sometimes when it comes to arts and crafts? They have such an ability to let go and play and not take themselves so seriously, at least compared to me. I’m always judging what I do. My friend Candice recently work with EIGHTY first graders (does she deserve sainthood or what?) to create this fun sea creature art with tissue paper, acrylic paint and Mod Podge. The goal was colorful panels that could hang in the hallway – and that is exactly what they did. All of the kids contributed, and it looks like they had a great time doing it. I’ve been looking at the pictures on her blog trying to figure out what some of the sea creatures are. I think I see a manatee . . . maybe a rainbow fish . . . and some that are totally made up. But that is the fun, isn’t it? Visit her to learn more about this creative project.

A swarm of sea creatures at Candice Ashment Art

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