Make your own pretend food

Make your own pretend food

For Christmas, my oldest daughter got a play kitchen. The only problem is, we didn’t buy her any pretend food to go with it. What a great idea to make your own with wood blocks, graphics, and Mod Podge. She would pass out if I made her this stuff! You can get the wood cut at Home Depot and then DIY these with the labels provided by Vanessa. I particularly love the milk. Wood milk = brilliant!

Pretend food at The Sew*er The Caker, The Copycat Maker

For more easy Mod Podge kids crafts, go here.

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  1. s0nicfreak says

    Man, that is such an awesome idea. My kids got a pretend-cart full of store-bought pretend food boxes for Christmas year before last, and being just cardstock they fell apart quickly… but the kids didn’t want to let them go. I’m STILL picking up pieces of those boxes occasionally. Small, annoying pieces. This would be a great way to make durable “boxes”!