Instagram coaster place cards

instagram coasters Every once in a while I get the itch to host a dinner party. I usually regret it midway through planning, but know I can’t just give up. You know? Anyway! These Instagram coasters pretty much rock because they can double as a place card. Talk about an all-in-one craft! Just snag pictures of your friends while they aren’t looking(ish), put a fancy filter on it and then there you go. Learn more at the link below.

Instagram coaster place cards at WhimseyBox

Do love your Instagrams and want them to become crafts? Here are some other ideas with Mod Podge:

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  1. alicia says

    Thanks for sharing! I totally know the ‘dinner party regret’ feeling. It seems like such a good idea when looking at recipes on Pinterest…. and such a bad idea 4 hours before the guests arrive when I’m tearing around the grocery store like crazy person.