Decorate your ceiling fan with pretty papers

Mod Podge ceiling fan DIY

As I sit here in my office (also known as my bed) and look straight up, there is a ceiling fan. It’s not a particularly attractive ceiling fan, but I have an idea of how it could be better, and quickly. Take a look at this pretty decorated ceiling fan from Tamara. She decided that her fan need a revamp and so she spiced it up with Mod Podge. I love the fern . . . and do you see that butterfly? I have to show this to my mother. She would cry with joy. And then add it to her project list that never gets touched (haha, just kidding mom!). It’s really easy to make yourself; just click on the link below.

Super pretty ceiling fan at Etcetorize

For some other ceiling fan decorating options, check out the chevron or these paisleys.

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  1. pam says

    The second these fan blades appeared in my reader I fell in love! And I don’t even have a fan!!! Can anything be more cheerful? Fun to look at? To dust? Maybe i will make a fake fan out of cardboard and Mod Podge just so I can have one!!! :-)

  2. says

    Thanks so much for featuring my fan project Amy! The ceiling fan is in my spare/computer room and it adds so much more character to the space. So happy that you noticed all the details like the different patterns (they weren’t random). Have a great week~