Customized wooden knobs.

custom wood knobs

Man Podger David never ceases to amaze. He’s always coming up with brilliant decor ideas, and making us all jealous of his “skillz.” Visit more of his projects in the Man Podger section.

These wooden knobs hardly look homemade at all. Between the new paint job and subway art Mod Podged to the knob, they look fresh out of a catalogue or something! The great thing about these knobs is that they can be customized to fit your decor or project. Just choose any paper you’d like and Mod Podge it to the front of the knobs. Gosh, I love Mod Podge.

Customized wooden knobs at Cheltenham Road

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    Thanks so much Erika! I’m so glad you liked the project. I’ve been going a bit crazy ever since with knob ideas – it’s a lot of fun.
    Thanks again,