St Patrick craft: four leaf clover necklace

St Patrick craft - four leaf clover necklace

I’ll tell you what I would do if someone pinched me for not wearing green – I would karate chop them in the neck. I think Jenn has a better idea though . . . instead of having to “hi-ya” someone, I can make this Dimensional Magic jewelry with a four leaf clover (and I’m safe). I like the vintage look of this St Patrick craft, and how subtle it is. I’d rather wear this necklace than a bright green shirt, personally. And the best part? It’s classy enough to wear all year round. Visit Jenn to get the how to. You’ll love that it takes about five minutes to make.

St. Patrick’s Day craft: lucky clover pendant necklace at Rook No. 17

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  1. Katherine says

    I don’t know…as much as I love the necklace, the mental image of you “hi-ya”ing someone is pretty priceless. It would be tough to choose between the two. lol