Mod Podge table – a periodic table.

Mod Podge table - a periodic table

I had a really fun chemistry teacher in college – I know, it’s hard to believe. He was a hoot and made it fun to learn chemistry. I even took night classes so that I could take classes from him. He was definitely a hippie and liked to blow things up. Who wouldn’t want to learn from this guy? I credit him with being able to take advanced organic chemistry and get an “A.” Thank you, Dr. McGowan.

Seeing an illustrated periodic table decoupaged to a real table does my heart good after my positive college experience. The story behind these squares is pretty cool too – 97 printmakers came together to make the 118 prints. Then Missey took these prints and organized them on a painted table. Genius, really. There is so much to learn about this Mod Podge table project, so you need to visit her at the link below. I love this!

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