Mirror decoupaged with napkins

Mirror decoupaged with napkins Have you ever seen cute napkins while you are out and about but can’t bring yourself to buy them? Something about using such a cute little napkin to wipe your face and then throwing it away just seems wrong, right? Well, fret no more. Grab those cute napkins and some Mod Podge and get to work decoupaging!

I am loving this napkin covered mirror. It looks like it came right from a home accessories store.

Napkin covered mirror at Clever Nest

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  1. Johnnie says

    Super cute mirror! I have thought about decoupaging with napkins, but haven’t given it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. amy says

    I saw one of your videos on Youtube and you said to use a foam brush to minimize brush strokes. I found this to be the opposite. Foam brushes leave heavy brush strokes. And it’s disappointing that you disable comments on Youtube. This means you don’t want any feedback.

    • says

      Hi Amy – After doing this for years, I have found a lot of people get reduced brush strokes with foam brushes. I can’t speak for everyone though – there are always exceptions.

      And you can thank YouTube for the disabled comments; I’m absolutely not opposed to feedback. I can’t deal with the amount of spam and lewd/inappropriate comments I receive (unrelated to my projects), and they obviously have no filters. If anyone wants to give me feedback there are plenty of places to comment (my blog, FB, my e-mail).