DIY glitter lampshade with Mod Podge.

DIY glitter lampshade with Mod Podge

I’m jealous of Stacie for a few reasons. First of all, she has the fox shirt that I wanted from Anthropologie but missed when it went on sale (you can see it in her profile pic). Secondly, she has this cool owl lamp. She took it from retro to vintage fab by adding glitter to the shade, using Mod Podge, of course. You might be wondering if you are safe with the Mod Podge on the shade . . . and the answer is yes. As long as it is on the outside and not near the bulb, you are good. Glitterize your own lampshade simply by following Stacie’s tutorial below.

DIY glitter lampshade at Stars for Streetlights

There are more DIY lamp projects here on Mod Podge Rocks – take a peek at them.

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