Mod Podge picture frame wrapped with yarn.

Mod Podge picture frame wrapped with yarn

I’m one of “those” people with an embarrassingly large yarn stash. I fancy nice looking or brightly colored yarn, and it’s obvious when you see my bins stuff with it. A team of knitters could probably work from now until the end of time and not use it all up. So it’s reasonable that I have so much, right? Well, this Mod Podge frame is perfect for that reason. What is the saying “double the taste, half the guilt?” You know what I’m talking about? Actually that probably doesn’t have anything to do with yarn frames, but what I’m saying is that this project uses up yarn from your stash quickly, so you’ll feel less guilty, and then you’ll have a nice new item for your home decor. Get the tutorial below.

Yarn wrapped picture frame at Craft Pond

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