Mini DIY vase for Valentine’s Day

Mini DIY vase for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a cute little home decor item for Valentine’s Day? Something easy – maybe even a gift idea? This mini DIY vase is perfect! It’s made from a single wood block and uses a test tube. But don’t get confused – there’s no complicated science behind this tutorial. It’s very easy. Here’s how it’s done!


Gather These Supplies

• 2 x 2 wood block
• Retro Valentine Images
Mod Podge tool kit
Mod Podge silicone mat
• Sandpaper or nail file
• Test tube

Any decoupage formula will work – we recommend Mod Podge Gloss or Mod Podge Matte.


I decoupaged all six sides and let dry.
Then I lightly sanded the edge with a nail file and sealed the whole block with Gloss Mod Podge.


Mark the center with a awl.


Use a drill bit slightly larger than the test tube.


Insert the test tube into the hole.

Make a mini DIY vase for Valentine's Day

Project completed. Insert any flower into your mini DIY vase. What a super cool gift for your Valentine! Don’t forget to visit me on Etsyat my blog or on Twitter.

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