Make rusted metal Mod Podge art

Make your own rusted metal Mod Podge art

I remember when using the toilet only costs ten cents. That was a long time ago. Haha! I’ve never had to pay for the toilet, but I appreciate this sign that lets me know how much it costs anyway. Morena made these signs using metal sheets and vinyl stencils. She also use a candle and Antique Mod Podge to get that old fashioned look. Choose any sentiment you like. I think it might be fun to do a Star Wars saying in an old fashioned way. What do you think?

Make your own rusted metal wall art at Crafts Unleashed

For other features using Antique Mod Podge, check out these fabric frames and this mixed media necklace.

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  1. says

    I remember when it cost 10 cents…. and I also remember when my mom made us crawl under the door to get it for free… UGH!!!!! That is so gross… but it also explains how cheap my mom was!

  2. Michelle Lodge says

    How cool are these? That toilet sign reminds me of a time when I had visited New Zealand and for the first time had to pay to use the bathroom. This sign reminds me of that moment, and other great times during the trip. I just may have to make that sign. Thank you for the tutorial!!