HomeRight SteamMachine multi purpose steamer review and giveaway.

HomeRight SteamMachine

I’m so excited to share my most recent product review with you! You see, I have become a clean freak since moving into my loft. Part of it is because I have less stuff and so it’s easier to keep things clean – therefore I do. The other part is that I really like this place and I want to keep it nice. I’m always willing to give new cleaning tools a go, so when HomeRight sent me their SteamMachine multi purpose steamer to try out, I could not have been more excited.

Not only does the SteamMachine clean and sanitize bathrooms, floors, stovetops, ovens and grills but it even REMOVES wallpaper. Seriously? This little awesome machine (which looks a lot like a blue R2D2) does everything. The best part is that there are no chemicals at all – it’s simply the power of steam that cleans the surfaces. And it cleans BETTER than chemicals as I found out in my tests.


The parts are REALLY easy to put together. I love that about this steamer. It comes with all sorts of attachments that you can use to clean different surfaces, and they fit in the belly of the beast while you aren’t using them.


My first test was with my floors. I just cleaned them – this weekend. So technically they should be completely clean. I’d say that I’m pretty competent with cleaning too . . . I didn’t just whisk the floor. I scrubbed.


It was very easy to add water . . . then you just wait for the machine to heat up. It doesn’t take very long – it says 8 minutes, but it look less time for me. Then I got to steaming! It shot the perfect amount of steam out with the perfect amount of force. I swiped the brush back and forth across the forth and it make the floor wet (of course with the steam) but not soaking, which was great.


With just a few swipes, this is what I got off of the floor. GROSS. I just cleaned these floors??!


So I went for the bathroom, especially the edges.


And then there’s an attachment for the bathroom walls (mine are tile) so I did that too.


But my favorite part was the sink. I have the hardest time cleaning this sink. I use a toothbrush, paper towels, sprays . . . and I hate using the chemical sprays because they give me a headache. Yes, even the natural stuff. I have tried several brands of natural cleaners and it doesn’t matter – they all make me feel sicks. That is why I’m so thrilled about this steam cleaner!


Do you see that brown and grit? I just cleaned the sink! Yet I was able to get even more dirt and grime off of the sink . . . amazing! I can’t tel you how thrilled I am to have this machine. I cleaned the entire sink and didn’t get a headache. That is huge for me.

I have no complaints or criticisms about my SteamMachine. Seriously – I tried to find the flaw and I couldn’t. I didn’t use it to remove wallpaper, but that is because I don’t have any – but I’m guessing it’s just as good at that as it is everything else! This machine is a must have.

HomeRight has been kind enough to give one Mod Podge Rocks reader a chance to win their own SteamMachine! You are going to be cleaning like a maniac just like me. Just enter below!
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  1. Ellen M. says

    Not sure it’s a big mess, but the toughest was getting permanent ink (from a dropped stamp pad) off of my vinyl kitchen floor. This would have come in very handy! Thanks for the chance!

  2. SAndra T says

    Since I’ve moved to a new place/state lots of mold. It was not fun and I got sick after cleaning it .

  3. says

    That is so cool! My family is moving into a house with all wood floors the end of the month so I’ve been looking at the steam mops. I think I’d much rather have this since it does so much more than floors!!

  4. Julie B. says

    The biggest mess I have ever cleaned was a spilled two liter of soda. It had gone untouched on a porch for weeks. It had turned into a black, super thick, sticky mess. There were all kinds of bugs as well. Took about five hours to get it fully clean. It left a permanent stain.

  5. Kim says

    We have an older similar model and we love it! We use it for everything and can’t believe how dirty the cloth gets.

  6. Cindy says

    The biggest mess I’ve ever had to clean up was my husband’s appartment after we got married. ;) It was in an extremely windy area, and the amount of dirt that came in was insane! We would love a steamer!!!

  7. Gina W. says

    It’s probably not the biggest mess but most recent. We are fostering puppies and they sure do poop and pee a lot in addition to shredding the newspaper that we are using for their area.

  8. Lindsey says

    would love to have this. i always have a messy/dirty kitchen floor with my 4 busy boys! can’t get it clean enough… ever!

  9. Donna Davis says

    Berries dropped onto our concrete driveway and the red berries that get tracked into the house and on the carpet. Geesh!!!!!
    A close second is when one of the cats cough up a hairball with food. I have to watch that I don’t buy food with coloring which is even worse to clean up.

  10. says

    we had a kid poop occurrence where it escaped from his diaper and made such a huge gross mess that that we refer to in retrospect as “poo-pocalypse”

  11. Laurel says

    Wow! That looks like it might actually get behind a toilet!! My steam mop broke & miss my steam mop, this sure would make a nice replacement!!

  12. Racquel S says

    It seems like there is a big mess every day to clean up at my house! One of the hardest was a think creamy lotion that my son dropped on the carpet!

  13. Vicki Poole says

    Do you ReALLY want to know? It is super yukky. When I ran a daycare business in my home…..and a stomach/intestinal bug swept through all my diapered patrons….. well i will let your imagination fill in the rest. Ugh.

  14. says

    Worst mess was probably my new house before we moved in. The previous owner cleaned NOTHING. So I had a baby to look after while trying to sweep and scrub hundreds of square feet of tile before we moved in. It was all so dirty that I think I cleaned the floors 3 times before we moved our stuff in. And I scrubbed the bathtub with 4 different cleaners, just trying to get it sparkling. Oh, don’t get me started…

  15. Becky U says

    I has to be my sinks and bathtub! We have so much iron in our water and no matter how many filters we use, we still end up with orange everywhere. It’s a constant challenge and one I hope would be made easier to clean with the steam machine!

  16. Karen says

    Between the pets and the kids, what HAVEN’T I cleaned up?!? I guess the biggest mess would have to be the kid projectile vomitting through the entire house to get to the bathroom…gross!

  17. Shelley D. says

    The biggest mess that I have ever had to clean up would probably be when my now 18 yo was about 1 and learned to take his diaper off and it was a poopy diapers……disgusting!

  18. Debra says

    I have the hardest time getting my bathroom floor clean. It collects hairspray residue which is very hard to remove. I think steaming just might do the trick!

  19. says

    I’ve had several horrendous messy clean ups. Kids, pets, husbands etc. I guess the worst one was when my cat had an “episode” and ran around the house making messes everywhere. It was disgusting. You asked… I told.

  20. Sue Clarke says

    I SO need one of these. My sinks and tubs need help. When we moved in the folks before us didn’t always have water softeners and the rust/mineral stains are so hard to get out. Plus a have and puppy and would love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Four dogs and one quilter says

    With four dogs and two cats there is not a day that goes by without one of them making a mess somewhere. sigh.

    • says

      OH–biggest mess. Sourdough starter left in a jar on the counter while we were out of town. Huge heat wave, and the starter forced the lid off and exploded all over the kitchen. And dried up before we got home. Tons of fun, it was EVERYWHERE.

  22. Susan718 says

    I dropped a jar of salad dressing on my carpet. It was very creamy and FULL of poppy seeds. What a mess!!!! Thanks for the giveaway !!!!

  23. Melissa says

    I totally need this! I have 2 dogs and 2 young kids (3 and 15 months) so I am always cleaning up after them. Unfortunately I have had to clean up too many big messes!

  24. Lora W. says

    The biggest mess I ever had to clean up was a jello mold disaster in the kitchen. I mix red cranberry jello and cranberry sauce and put in into my tupperware jello ring mold. Well, the bottom fell out as I was transferring it to the refrigerator. Red liquid jello splashed the ENTIRE kitchen. It penetrated every inch of the kitchen. It was the worst mess you have seen in your whole life.

  25. jengd says

    I have a 5yr old. The messes are ENDLESS! What I’d REALLY like to work on is around the toilets. 5yr old boy. Bad aim. ‘Nuf said. Maybe it’s not the WORST mess but it’s a consistent mess and disgusting to clean.

  26. says

    The most memorable of the yucky messes I had to clean up was right after I had my daughter. We just got home from the hospital in the afternoon. While we were gone, my son fed the dog an entire box of dog treats. I was fast asleep and heard her whining to be let out of her crate. I let her out and tried to get her some water. She ended up throwing up all over the dog bowl, on the floor and down the air vent in the floor. She had also pooped in her crate. Needless to say, not the best way to enjoy my first day postpartum.

  27. Caroline says

    Maybe not the biggest mess, but one of the worst, was when I dropped a bottle of red nail polish, which shattered all over my mostly-white bathroom. I’m still finding little bloody red dots in the grout. And of course, it wasn’t a small bottle, it was one of those oversized OPI ones….

  28. Rachel says

    Did you say this helps remove wallpaper? Aside from all the cleaning needed in our recently purchased home, there is a load of wallpaper to be removed! I’d love me one of these!

  29. Grace says

    I have a pretty big mess every other weekend when my nephews come visit, but the most frustrating mess was when I knocked over my empty coke in the fridge.. It got absolutely everywhere, including the freezer below :/

  30. Donna S says

    The worst mess I’ve ever had to clean up was dog drool. We had a Boxer that almost constantly drooled. He’d move his head and there would be dog drool on the wall, on the cabinets, on the counter, basically everywhere.

  31. Steph k says

    I think the biggest mess was spilled juice in the refrigerator. Nothing worse than a nasty sticky mess!!

  32. says

    The dog, kids, countryside, home cooking, model making husband, arty daughter-I sooo need this in my life!! Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Elisha says

    The biggest mess I’ve had to clean was probably after the Jello-O fight we had at the summer camp I was working at…It was fun, but SO MESSY! :)

  34. says

    I so need one of these. I wash my floor a couple times a week because I have little grandbabies that rung the floors all week and the sad part is I know the floors are still dirty. I can see it on their socks. So I would love to try one of these.

  35. JESSica A says

    The biggest mess that I have had to clean up happened just a few weeks ago when my husband convinced me that using the sprayer to paint the living room would be sooooo much easier and quicker…let’s just say paint went everywhere but on the wall!!

  36. says

    the biggest mess I’ve ever had to clean was always…my room. I tend to believe that the floor is just another shelf, that gets food on it…. I spilled chip crumbs on the floor and they got ground in under my chair (I hadn’t noticed the spill) Took a while but i got it cleaned up. next is the living room……

  37. Patricia Jones says

    I didn’t get to add my biggest mess
    When the sewers backed up and flooded bathroom
    Came in from Tub and toliet, stinky and unhealthy
    I would love to win.

  38. Missy Mann says

    The biggest mess was when our dog sneak a giant size hershey bar with almonds, then threw it up all over the floor, the couch, in the bed at midnight, me.

  39. Lori M says

    Biggest mess? I’m not sure but with a husband, two sons, a dog, 2 cats and 17 chickens there’s always a mess somewhere that needs cleaning. ;D

  40. Donna McConnell says

    My biggest mess to clean was under a fridge that had not been moved in 12+ years! A new fridge was being put in, and no it was NOT at my house!

  41. Kathie y says

    I have 3 boys and a dog…I try to clean up the mess and forget about it. I’ve had a lot of REALLY big messes.

  42. Julie Henderson says

    The last house we owned had vast amts of white tile and white grout, ON THE FLOORS in living/kitchen areas….can you imagine?!! The grout especially always looked brown. What a losing battle. What a delightful blessing this cleaning machine would be!! Thanks for the giveaway. :-)

  43. says

    I came out of the bathroom to find that my 2 year old had colored all over our new couch with an ink pen. Not the biggest mess ever, but pretty traumatic.

  44. Jeniffer brUbaker says

    The biggest mess was when our well pump started leaking. Fortunately, I realized it when the basement had about a half inch of water everywhere. However, the worst mess always involves a sick dog who ate too much snow!

  45. Kittery says

    Absolutely brilliant. See I’m one of those worriers who tend to…worry. (and I’m not that creative). But I have dogs – and a worrier/stress addict/clean freak + dogs = one very unhappy stressed out lady. I see them move and my mind says, “Dog hair! It’s floating everywhere. Must compulsively clean in order to keep even a single hair from landing on me. Oh my gosh it’s probably on the counters, which the milk gets set on the counters so therefore it’s in the fridge… no one will ever want to eat at my house again. I’ll have no friends – I’m going to be a recluse for the rest of my life!!!!!” You can see why this is a problem – so thank you for the opportunity to win a tool that will help bring a little more peace to my life.

  46. says

    The biggest mess to clean up to me would be putting the Christmas decorations away in the garage when my health has been bothering me.

  47. michelle duchene says

    I Really need this, old linoleium on these floors, you cannot get clean, and the guys well, let’s just say I Need this one! LOL!

  48. G says

    The biggest mess…..oh, that is easy, my step daughter decided to give our rescue pit bull a snack, she wasn’t thinking that he can’t eat certain food items and so gave him one of my shelties USA made cow ear chews…..oh, they love them and so did mr blue. I didn’t know until after his “accident”. He was passing the most hideous gas but had no interest in going outside so i went to take a shower…..and one of those gas bombs wasn’t just gas, he had explosive diarrhea….it was unreal the amount of mess and with him being a big dog, well, it was the consistency of something just slightly thicker than water and the color of mud….I came out of the shower to be greeted by a funky smell and knew something was wrong before i discovered this mess all over…..literally, on the wall, like over two foot up the wall, and in a puddle about four foot around. And all over his blankets (they were so raunchy they were thrown away) and all over his xpen. (when I’m in the shower or not home or whatever, he stays in an xpen so he doesnt get into anything). He was standing in a corner just looking like he was appalled all that came from him! Luckily the floor under him was tile, if he had been on carpet, this mess would have ruined the floor….it would have been impossible to clean completely because it was that messy….it literally took me almost two hours to get everything clean. Needless to say, this was the last time mr blue got any sort cow ear or anything like that and doesn’t get anything now except his dog food and his dog bones now! He didn’t even go to the bathroom anymore and was happy and jumping around after the fact when let outside…..just like his belly said “oh no you don’t” and got rid of it and that was that….I have cleaned up Many other big messes, children and dogs tend to make plenty but this one was the worst….

    Id absolutely love to win this, but one of the first things I’d use it for would be wallpaper removal. I am in the process of removing the wallpaper border from my kitchen so I can repaint and it is not coming off nicely and this would be wonderful….. And of course, I’d use it for my kitchen and bathrooms and everywhere else. Yes, I could definitely use this! Thank you.

  49. says

    Oh My Goodness! Im so excited. I got your email and couldn’t believe it. I sent you my address. This will come in handy with now two grandbabies crawling the floors.