Eggshell craft: mosaic DIY bracelet

Eggshell craft - mosaic DIY bracelet

I’m going to be honest – at first the thought of crafting with eggshells grossed me out. I eat eggs but I find them a little gross; I’m not sure why. Am I the only one?!? But I admit that is being very short-sighted, because as Adrianne shows us, eggshell crafts can be beautiful. She made this bracelet, and it’s completely awesome. Who know that decoupage with something from a chicken could be so great? Ha! It’s easy to get this unique look – visit Adrianne below to see how she did it.

Eggshell mosaic bracelet at Happy Hour Projects

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  1. Heidi says

    Your links seem to be broken. I’ve tried to view the valentine’s cookie gift tag, the eggshell bracelet and other links and nothing seems to take me to the right place. I’ve seen others comment about the same thing. Please look into it so we can see the info about how to create the lovely things you have pictures of–just taunting us to try to do it, but not sharing the info. :) Maybe that’s your plan all along!!! :)