DIY Oscar from a Ken doll

DIY oscar from a ken doll

I’m not going to any Oscar parties or anything like that, but I’ll definitely be watching. I have only seen ONE of the nominations for Best Picture, and I saw it last night! Pathetic, huh? I love the movies, but I just don’t go enough. I can say for sure one thing about the Oscars . . . everyone deserves their own version. Whether it’s best mom to your own children, or best pug wrangler, or best shoe/handbag coordinator, everyone does something really well. So make an Oscar for yourself for whatever it is. I might choose myself to win the “most time wasted on Pinterest” Oscar.

Anyhoo, after you figure out what Oscar you are going to give yourself, you need to make this one from a Ken doll. It’s easy and you just need a few supplies. Wouldn’t it be fun to do an awards ceremony for your entire family? Think about it. And let me know what Oscar you should win!

DIY Oscars statue: Ken gets the Midas touch at

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    I love this idea!! I am definitely going to have a ceremony with the family!! What a fun thing to do!! I can think of a hundred different themes and occasions I’d try it with!! :)

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    Excellent! Am planning this also, but Ken dolls (or non-Ken male dolls) are impossible to find cheap around here. Finally ordered some off ebay but they havent arrived yet *pout*

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    Agree! We all deserve an Oscar award! But it would be interesting if you can make an award for yourself indeed. This gives me a good idea. I could award my son with this every time he does well in school, for a change. Thank you for the post and for the DIY link. I just copied the supplies and the instructions. It’s truly amazing how a Ken doll can turn into an Oscar trophy!