Bottle cap matching game

bottle cap memory game
When I was little, my favorite game to play was memory. I would beg my sister over and over to play it with me until she’d finally give in. I would always lose big time, but it is still a great memory.
I love the idea of making a memory game of my own! How fun is this bottle cap matching game? Find the full tutorial in the link below.

Bottle cap matching game at ArtClubBlog

PS – If you haven’t checked out my Mod Podge Rocks book¬†there is a stunning bottle cap necklace by my friend Heather from Dollar Store Crafts. You’ll love it!


  1. says

    Amy, You really made my day…week…month! Thanks so much for this. We just had a very big snowfall, so I will now go out and play in the snow like a big kid, with a gigantic smile on my face. Have a great day and love your blog!

  2. Michelle says

    I used to teach English in Thailand and still have friends who do. This would be a great game for the kids to not only play but also make beforehand.

    Will pass the link onto my friends. They’re always looking for games to play in class that are not only fun but that you can also use to teach English. I can think of many uses for this game and I’ll bet they can as well :)