Milk glass silhouette plate

milk glass silhouette plate

I had no idea that making a silhouette plate could be so easy! Mitzy found an image she liked online, printed it off, cut it out, and ‘podged it to her plate. Simple as that! I think a family silhouette would be adorable on one of these plates . . . or maybe something for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, like a heart? Who am I trying to kid, I’ll probably make a pug plate.

Milk glass silhouette plate at Mitzi’s Miscellany

PS – Mitzi always has something amazing to offer when it comes to Mod Podge. Check out this other features highlighting her work.

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  1. Beth Mast says

    This is certainly adoreable. I have some clear glass plates. Could you do something like this and put something on the back, so the picture can be see better?