FREE printable: craft supply shopping list

FREE printable: craft supply shopping list

Hello, my name is Rhonda, and I am addicted to free printables. No, really. I love them so much that on my blog, Mrs. Greene, I am offering or featuring a different free printable every day with my Daily Printables series! Today I am here to share a printable I designed for my dear friend Amy. It’s a craft supply shopping list notepad on a Mod Podge theme! I even took the liberty of adding Mod Podge to the list, because you know that running out of Podge is an emergency situation. The assembly even includes the use of your favorite glue-and-sealer-and-all-around-awesome craft supply! You’ll find the file available for download at the end of the post.

Gather These Supplies

Craft supply shopping list printable
Paper cutter
Matte Mod Podge
Binder clips
Painter’s tape

2 - printed pages and covers

The free printable has two pages. Print one copy of the first page onto cardstock to make the covers, and print your desired number of the second page to make the sheets to go inside the pad. I printed 25 copies of the second page to make a 100-sheet pad. When printing, make sure that it is set to print “actual size” to be certain that the pages and covers will come out the same size.

3 - add binder clips

Use a paper cutter to trim the covers and pages following the printed lines. Stack the pages an covers together, making sure the top edge is even. Use a pair of binder clips to hold the stack in place.

4 - mask with tape

Mask off the top of the notepad with painter’s tape to avoid getting excess Mod Podge on the covers and down the side edges of the pages.

5 - glue binding with Mod Podge

Apply a fairly thick layer of Mod Podge across the entire top of the notepad. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then apply a second layer of Mod Podge. Remove the tape immediately after applying the second coat.

6 - finished list pad

When the Mod Podge has completely dried, remove the binder clips. Stash the pad in a handy place on your craft table!

Craft Supply Shopping List Notepad


  1. Elizabeth says

    THANK YOU for this post! I’m about to make two books (of sorts), one to add my drawings and sketches, the other for items I’ve made with my Cricut that I’m bound to make again. I was actually searching for suggestions on which binding compound to buy when I came across your post! Less than three feet from me is a giant gallon bottle of Mod Podge, but I never even thought to use it for the binding! Your post easily just saved me $20+ between shipping and the compound.

    Thanks again and please keep these wonderful ideas and suggestions coming! I love ’em!

    Take care!


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    […] If you spend much time around here, you know that I love Mod Podge.  It’s one of those supplies that, if I run out of it, I declare a crafty state of emergency.  So when I made this printable craft supply shopping list pad for my friend Amy at Mod Podge Rocks!, of course I added my favorite glue-and-sealer product as the first thing on the list!  You can get the printable over at MPR, along with a tutorial for assembling the printable into a finished note pad.  You know you want one!  [download the free printable] […]