DIY spice rack made from an iPad box

DIY spice rack made from an iPad boxPlease meet Cristin from Eve of Reduction! She is an absolute master at recycled crafts and turning nothing into something. She also has a new book coming out in March called Living Simple, Free & Happy: How to Simplify, Declutter Your Home, and Reduce Stress, Debt & Waste (it’s a must have!). I admire Cristin so much, and I really admire this DIY spice rack she made for us. Keep reading on to learn how!


One of your New Year’s Resolutions may be to get more organized. Interestingly enough, getting organized didn’t make the most popular resolutions. But guess what came in at #10: reducing, reusing and recycling. Hooray for that! Well, just so you know, Eve of Reduction has you covered with this recycled craft project and organization solution for your spices.

You’re going to need a small, sturdy box, preferably with a top and bottom, to make this DIY spice rack. I used an iPad box. Don’t fret if you don’t have one, reusing packaging from cologne or perfume gifts sets works great, too.



-small, flat box
-lazy susan mechanism
-4 small nuts and bolts
Mod Podge Matte
-applicator (small brush, sponge or even piece of cardboard)

EORspice_fabricStep 1: Lay out your fabric, print side down. Center the box top on the fabric, top down. Cut the corners out of the fabric, using the box as a guide.

Tip: Make sure you have enough fabric to fold over the sides of the box. You want to have your fabric all set before applying Mod Podge.

EORspice_glueStep 2: Thoroughly spread Mod Podge over the outside surface of the box. Move quickly to adhere the fabric to the box.

EORspice_cardboardStep 3: Insert the bottom of the box into the top so that the box is doubled and nested on top of each other.

Measure and cut a rectangle of fabric that will fit in the inside bottom of the box. Repeat the Mod Podge procedure to adhere the fabric to the inside bottom of the box.


EORspice_nutsStep 4: Position the lazy susan mechanism (found at home improvement stores for around $5) in the center of the box top, which will now be the bottom of your spice rack. Punch holes through the box to insert the small nuts and bolts.

EORspice_afterStep 5: Fill with your favorite spices and place inside your cupboard.

DIY spice rack made from an iPad boxI love the idea of reusing a box because the short sides of the box keep the spices contained without aggravation of them falling off the shelf, while the sides are short enough that you can still see what spice you’re grabbing. Enjoy your DIY spice rack.

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