DIY organizer: for those with limited space

DIY organizer for thoase with limited spaceWhen Man Podger David said that he decoupaged this DIY organizer for his friend Aimee, I knew it had to be great. Amy’s (or Aimee’s or Amie’s) only accept the best in quality and have the best taste. This is common knowledge. Also the fact that David is amazing is common knowledge, so no surprise on how great this project is – I’ll let him tell you how it’s done.

My friend Aimee has declared 2013 The Year of Organization!

She’s starting with her desk and she’s on a budget. Her space is limited and asked me to make a small, wall hanging where she could keep her keys, business cards and paper clips within easy reach.

I’d recently spotted some little boxes in the $1 bin at Michaels (actually $1.50) and thought they might work well if we gussied them up a bit. So I gathered them, some simple tools and supplies and got to work.

I used the following items to create this wall organizer:


  • Boxes from Michaels
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • A scrap piece of wood for the backer
  • Craft paint
  • 3M Command Strips cut into small pieces (not pictured)
  • An old candle
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Drill (a simple screwdriver would work just fine)
  • Craft knife

First off I removed the knobs and the elastic straps from the boxes. I set the knobs aside but threw away the elastic.

I cut my scrap book paper to the appropriate width for each box and attached it all the way around (the back is never seen of course but it just seemed easier to do the whole thing).

Paper Cut to SizeWhile that was drying I painted the knobs with my white craft paint and applied the first layer of paint to the scrap wood backer.

After that first layer of paint had dried I rubbed my candle along the edges to create a barrier

wax the edgesand then painted over the whole thing with my white craft paint (the paint won’t stick to the candle wax).

When the second layer of paint dried I went back in with my sandpaper and sanded away to give it a rough, two-tone look.

Sand top layerMy little boxes were now thoroughly dry so I trimmed them a little with my craft knife.

I reattached the knobs and then, because I wanted the lids to stay shut I attached the small sections of 3M Command strips. I used the Command Strips because that’s what I had on hand – any sticky backed Velcro would work.

Apply velcro closuresNext, I attached the boxes to the board by drilling two screws into each box.

attach with screwsAnd I was done.

(On a whim I added some Scrabble Tiles using hot glue.)

Mod Podged DIY organizer - great for those with little space

Mod Podged Wall Organizer

Mod Podged DIY organizer for the wallNOTES:

For the final picture here the board is being held up using double sided tape. When we actually install it over at Aimee’s I’ll either drill it into the wall or get some keyhole hooks to hold it securely in place.

One of my boxes had a lid that was a bit wonky. To make it lay flat I just ironed it (on a high/cotton setting) and that did the trick to smooth it out and make it close easily when the Command Strip Velcro was applied)

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  1. malia says

    This is darling! I would love something like this– I am always “losing” my stuff on the counter. Thanks so much for the idea!