Comic book craft: Mod Podge hat

Comic book craft: Mod Podge hat

Every once in a while I come across a project that catches me by surprise. I mean, I know you can pretty much use Mod Podge on anything . . . but a hat? I never would have thought! The end result is pretty cool though. Plus, it’s a pretty awesome way to confess your undying love of comic books. This¬†comic book craft is one of the most unique I’ve seen – so find out how to make it at the link below.

Mod Podged hat at Aetienne

Looking for some other Mod Podge comic book crafts? Here are some fun ones to try:

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  1. elba says

    These ideas are cool ,I have a grad daughter whos husband loves comic books. I also thought if you can not buy comic you can also use newspaper comics.Thank you for the idea.