Sheet music covered DIY suitcase

Sheet music covered DIY suitcase

I’ve noticed a huge trend while thrifting lately is old suitcases. They are everywhere, and they are so charming. I love their shape and sturdiness. The only issue? I don’t really love some of the colors they come in. Karen from The Graphics Fairy is a smart gal, though. Because she found one she loved and covered it in sheet music (but, if you don’t have sheet music to spare, she offers a printable from her site). I love how it changed the feel of the suitcase while still keeping its original charm. Find how how to get the same look of this DIY suitcase at the link below.

Sheet music covered suit case at The Graphics Fairy

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    This looks awesome! I’m loving the suitcase trend, but I haven’t found any that I’m in love with. This will definitely change my mind when I’m picking out suitcases; if they’re ugly I can de-uglify them with modpodge! Thanks for sharing!

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    STILL in love with the idea of a DIY suitcase, and STILL haven’t made one of my own, haha! I even have a set of 3 nesting suitcases (found in a random front yard with a “FREE” sign on ’em!) ready for such a project, and have yet to actually do anything with them. That’s it- 2013 is my year for a DIY suitcase set! No excuses! :)